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Karelian Bear Dog is a finnish hunting spitz mainly used for hunting moose and bear. The numbers of Karelian Bear Dogs used for wild boar and e.g lynx are increasing steadily. Some individuals are used for small game hunting, e.g. marten and raccoon dog, it will even fetch waterfowl and are succesfull in capercaillie hunt.

Karelian Bear Dog is a persistent, courageous, loyal and honest breed. It is also very self-confident and it may be aggressive towards other dogs, but never towards people. Owner of a KBD must be logical, fair and determined and has to put effort on socializing his KBD to other dogs from the very first days of training.

KBD is a tough hunting breed. A Karelian Bear Dog has to have a possibility to work as a hunting dog for which it was originally bred for.

It is very independent, yet it works co-operatively with his master, marking the game animal and keeping it in it`s place by intensive barking. If the game animal tries to escape, KBD tries to stop it like a herding dog. It`s not wanted that a KBD bites the game (perhaps a bear is an exception , sometimes). An experienced hunter will know what animal the dog is barking at by the sound of the bark.
Karelian Bear Dog searches the game animals from wide area. It can work as well in difficult terrains as under all types of weather conditions. Water and high snow do not restrain Karelian Bear Dog from hunting.

-- Note: origin to the most of this article is in Finnish Spitz Club site, few modifications have been done. --

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